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Objective and Targets


The quick and continuous monitoring of a disaster site is very important not only in lifesaving but also in protecting the rescuers themselves from any further disaster. According to fire-fighting personnel, most of the monitoring mentioned above is currently conducted by on-site rescuers taking turns. This often hinders them from focusing on the rescue operations …

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In this project, we will implement the following items within three years between 2012 and 2014. Demand Addressable Network Demand Interpreter: Technology that interprets a user’s abstract demands instantaneously, and expands these into a combination of concrete sub-demands Demand Addressing: Technology that dynamically finds the resources, i.e., networked sensors and/or local DBs, which hold the …

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Novel, original, innovative, pioneering, etc. Novel aspects of this research include (1) wireless sensor network technology in which each sensor node’s role can be customized to trigger in response to its environment and user demand according to a “scenario” defined by the user, and (2) technology that provides real-time display of required information, in sufficient …

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