The Computer Organization Laboratory research activity is aimed at study of computer architectures, hardware effective design methods, and their applied technologies, which are mainly based on computer hardware technologies.
The applied study area and relational technologies includes: high-speed scientific calculations, asynchronized circuits, FPGAs, optimizations of a combination, graph theories, and sensor networks.

Resilient Information Management (RIM) System

In this project, we design and implement a resilient information management (RIM) system, which is applicable under network-isolated environment.
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Tracking behavior and health condition of people using RFID tags

Development of a system that can track the behavior and health condition of people using RFID tags without having special equipment attached to people.
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Demand Addressable Sensor Network

This project aimed at a sensor network that functions can be changed by user’s abstract demands.
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Diehard Sensor Networks

In our proposed sensor network system, nodes throwed to a field automatically organize their network system and send the required surrounding information of them to host. If some nodes were broken, the nodes beside them work instead of them.
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Custom Computing

Our research is aimed at study of the low-cost architecture implementation using FPGAs which could reconfigure the circuit to specified for given problems so that it could realize higer-speed processing than super computers.
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